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RoboClub offers children an opportunity to explore with equipment designed to make them ready for tomorrow’s challenges. Our core aim is to offer hands-on programmes that enable, inspire and encourage children to engage their learning using a challenge based approach, within the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. All our Coaches are either qualified teachers or experts in their own field. Let us take your child on an exciting, engaging learning journey.

- Kevin Alexander - Owner

Our Programmes

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    RoboClub Lessons on

    Designed, developed and created by Simon (13) and Aidan (11)

    TubeTorials is an online learning environment for children, teachers and parents to develop Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths skills at home, the library or school. Continue learning when and wherever you want. Learn at you own pace and test new skills with challenges. Need help...just watch the walk-through.

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    Many children do not get an opportunity to work with us during the school day. We think this is a shame and offer our programmes after school. Run with a much softer approach and an emphasis on allowing children to explore and express themselves than sticking rigidly to the lesson plan. Make no mistake the kids are still developing great skills.

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    RoboClub run our own programmes, as well as support many organisations across Auckland.

    We aim to provide fun and engaging holiday experiences for children aged 5 to 16. Remember our Coaches do this for a living. Were more than childcare, were Educators!

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    Battling Robots or Speeding Rocket Cars. Your Party… Your Choice

    Both appeal to LEGO builders and budding construction experts looking for a unique Birthday Party event. Action packed, challenging, exciting these are all words to describe a RoboClub Party.

    All equipment supplied
    2 hours Duration
    $275 incl

    You just supply the venue and enthusiastic children :)


Our Equipment

RoboArena - robotic combat
Suitable 6+

Using LEGO Technic robots, our clever tech-experts in 2012 programmed our robots to seek and destroy one another in a Sumo-esk competition. RoboArena was born and has become one of our most popular activities.

With assistance when required, children build a robot using picture based instructions. Once tested for build mistakes, robots can be customised to improve their performance in the Arena. Using a round robin format each robot will battle against others in 2 hours of fun filled action.

So, if you have a child that would love to build, modify and battle with robots. Give us a shout, many parents already have, look at the feedback.

LEGO Technic - building
Suitable 8+

Empowering children to explore Engineering principles and Physics – learning how things work. This specially designed equipment enables Coaches to extend understanding through the interaction with models. Make-it and watch principles work in front of your eyes.
Each session new models will be built to demonstrate different concepts.
Pullies, Gears, Wedges, Mechanical Advantage, Pneumatics are just a few areas of learning.
Advanced groups build and examine working Cranes, Windmills, Powered Cars. Exploring how changes affect outcomes.

3D Printing - computer aided design
Suitable 8+


Let us introduce you to this exciting new world of 3 dimensional space!

Teaching children how to create a 3D object using TinkerCad. This internationally recognised software allows models to be built by manipulation of shapes, placing, cutting, rotating endlessly adjusted to construct that finished object.

To help learners RoboClub have developed their own teaching programmes. Building knowledge step by step children will initially learn how to make simple Minecraft or Space Warrior characters! Then watch as their skills improve and they design and make more complex models.

Best of all, take your designs home on the cloud and in your hand.

  • Thank you RoboClub, our Birthday Party was a huge success! One we and our son will remember for a long time.

  • RoboClub was the first thing my son has ever wanted to do at school.

  • Our son is having so much fun. He talks about RoboClub for days after and then starts looking forward to his class 2-3 days prior. Can Dads come too?

  • Thanks for the session today, keeping that many kids engrossed for almost two hours is no small feat! Very interesting for the kids to be able to immediately use the interface and make their individual robots move, turn, go backwards and spin. My son was so excited!

    - ​Homeschool Mum​
  • My 8 year old son and a room full of his friends enjoyed a couple of hours giving ROBOCLUB a try today and LOVE IT!!! As a mom, I was thrilled with the learning that was going on. Children were immediately engaged with building challenges and worked together brilliantly to programme there robots. Amazing! All children should give it a try! Thank you​ RoboClub​ for the opportunity to extend our children in an area I know nothing about!

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