RoboClub has been supporting schools across Auckland with its unique, hands-on learning philosophy since 2012. Founded by Kevin Alexander, an Engineer with 20 years experience in manufacturing, after he emigrated to NZ, brought up his children at Playcentre, and completed his Diploma in Teaching at Auckland University.

Upon completion he recognised a real need to allow children to develop and advance those traditional ‘hands-on’ engineering skills frequently overlooked in today’s modern schools. Learning through play, supported by solid theoretical foundations is a passion all RoboClub Coaches. That desire to empower and engage with children with many different needs and talents between the ages of 5 to 15. Delivering high level content in a fun, friendly, safe environment.

Prices inclusive of all disbursements within the Auckland metropolitan area. This bounded by Long Bay in the north, Titirangi in the west and Papakura in the south. If you live outside this area we can still provide a party but have to charge a little more for travel, let us know and we will supply a quote.

The hazards associated with rocketry require us to have a higher age group. Remember these air powered rockets can reach speeds of 50 Kph.

RoboRocketCar speeds can be reduced for younger children. Please advise your coach on the day.

Yes. 99% of our parties are run in children’s homes. Just consider which party you have booked. The number of people at the party will reflect on the amount of room required. Check out space requirements question. If in doubt contact us :)

Once you have made a booking you will have all our contact details. Let us know as soon as possible about any changes. Changing numbers or location to a nearby venue are fine, but changing dates for example does require more time than you think. An admin cost of $30 will be incurred.

Here is a link that will open up in a separate window. When you make your booking, you tick a box to confirm that you have read these T&C’s.

Terms and Conditions

Answer to be supplied.


The standard price is inclusive of up to 16 children. However, group size can be increased to 25 children. Each child above the standard size will incur an extra charge of $12 per child inclusive.

Children, depending on numbers, will be encouraged to work in pairs. This is something that children frequently want to do, and is a great way to develop those co-operation and communication skills.

Visual build instructions have been developed by RoboClub and its tech-experts. No reading is required, just a keen eye and a love of building. Children with a love of playing with LEGO typically take to this activity like ducks to water.

Experience has taught us that 5 years old is the minimum age for RoboArena, the ideal age for this activity is 7+.
Children at or above eight years will typically require no additional assistance other than the Coach running the party. (The younger the age group the more likely parent participation might be required. This is often not a problem with many Dad’s who are usually itching to have a go anyway :)

RoboArena can be run in a living room or rumpus 5m x 5m. As long as you are practical when considering space required and the number of children attending the party all will be fine. Building of robots can be undertaken in one room and testing in another, with some parental support. (After 4 years of running RoboArena parties not one has been cancelled due to lack of space)

Hard floor or tightly woven carpets are ideal – the robots don’t like shagpile

However, community spaces are great locations to run these parties and you don’t have to worry too much about marking the carpets with drinks. Try contacting your local Scout Den.

No food can be consumed whilst building and battling robots as food and drink don’t mix too well with the electronics. Get the children to eat before or after the activity.

RoboArena requires no reading. All instructions are visual.


The standard price is inclusive of 11 children, but can be increased to a maximum of 16. Every child above the standard price will be charged at $12 per child.

Rocketry will require an indoor space of at least 5 x 5 meters. We will also need a 5m long hallway or separate space other than the build area. This will be needed to allow the rocket cars to be tested. This space must be flat and away from objects. Ideal surface is a wood floor (Laminate or boards), Short pile carpets are fine.

If we are able, each session will end with a live firing of a real rocket car outside. Powered by a model rocket engine. This will require a 25m length driveway which is flat and free from obstacles. Please note this activity cannot be run on a road and is at the discretion of the Coach onsite.

Experience has taught us that 6 years old is the minimum age, the ideal age for this activity is 8+.